The Affidavit form

At the event registration, each competitor must submit a completed affidavit with the necessary data (vaccination, testing or passing Covid-19). The form of the solemn declaration can be downloaded below, or it will be possible to request it at the event registraton. Submitting a solemn declaration is a necessary condition for getting a start number without which no one will be allowed to start.

Partners of Bohemia 2021

We are pleased to present the partners of Bohemia 2021.

Oland is a European brand, which specializes in custom sportswear. The project is led by a team of experienced and ambitious people who believe that running, cycling and orienteering are a way of living. As a global brand, part of Scandinavia Clothing Company, they guarantee the high quality of its products, which will be appreciated even by the most successful competitors of this year’s Bohemia at the prize giving ceremony.

Salomon – a world manufacturer of sports equipment for men, women and children – trail running and hiking clothes & shoes, ski boots and clothing, snowboarding. The products of this company will please the overall winners of Bohemia.

Crystalex – a company, which builds on the world-renown tradition of Czech glassmaking and takes it into the 21st century and beyond. Originally from Nový Bor, a town which has for centuries been the center of Northern Bohemian glass industry, Crystalex offers the best of Czech glassmaking craftsmanship. They are the biggest producer of drinkware in all Czechia and are among the foremost glass producers worldwide. The products of this company are already a traditional award for the best competitors in the overall ranking of Bohemia.

Bohemia orienteering will take place

Bohemia Orienteering 2021 will take place on the scheduled date with possible minor restrictions due to the current situation and valid regulations by the Czech government. The condition for participation will be the submission of an affidavit (on vaccination, testing or passing Covid-19) at the registration for each individual participant. Only against this confirmation start bibs will be given, without which no one will be allowed to start. The affidavit form will be published by July 05, 2021.

Information on applications and payments: The limit of participants is almost filled, after reaching it it will be possible to entry only among substitutes. Pay the entry fee and other related fees to the organizer’s account according to the invitation no later than June 25, 2021. After this date, unpaid entries will be canceled and filled with substitutes. (Foreign participants can pay amounts up to 5000CZK or 200EUR in cash at the event registration.)