Bohemia orienteering will take place

Bohemia Orienteering 2021 will take place on the scheduled date with possible minor restrictions due to the current situation and valid regulations by the Czech government. The condition for participation will be the submission of an affidavit (on vaccination, testing or passing Covid-19) at the registration for each individual participant. Only against this confirmation start bibs will be given, without which no one will be allowed to start. The affidavit form will be published by July 05, 2021.

Information on applications and payments: The limit of participants is almost filled, after reaching it it will be possible to entry only among substitutes. Pay the entry fee and other related fees to the organizer’s account according to the invitation no later than June 25, 2021. After this date, unpaid entries will be canceled and filled with substitutes. (Foreign participants can pay amounts up to 5000CZK or 200EUR in cash at the event registration.)