Introduction of stages and partners of Bohemia 2019

The opening stage can be called acquaintance with Údolí samoty (the Valley of Solitude). Courses of the opening long distance take competitors into slightly undulating passages. The very fast clean forest will be alternated with passages with reduced visibility. In the second part the competitors will try the first sandstone rocks of Bohemia 2019. The courses were set by Vratislav Lamač on the map Radvanecké houpačky (Radvanec Swings); scale 1: 10.000. Partner of the 1st stage is Oland – an European brand, which offers custom sportswear for running, cycling and orienteering. Its products will please the most successful runners of the overall ranking, and their sales tent will be available for all competitors in the finish arenas.






In the second stage you will find undulating terrain with a good runnability, plenty of sandstone rocks, stones and other terrain details on the map Jezírko (Little lake) scale 1:10.000. The end of the middle race will take place on a rocky ridge. According to legend, the most massive and highest rock (371 meters above sea level) was intended as an execution site of Sloup Castle. The courses were prepared by Jan Pavlovec. Sponsor of the second stage is SALOMON – a traditional producer of sports shoes and sportswear for a full range of outdoor activities including orienteering. The winners of the first four stages will enjoy the prizes by this partner. In the finish area you should not miss the traditional vendor of this brand – Kazboš stand.






The area of the third stage is dominated by the slopes along Údolí samoty (the Valley of Solitude), above which the peaks of Strážný and Hrouda rises. Competitors will enjoy hilly terrain with many sandstone rock objects and other terrain details. A medium quantity of paths can help save a bit of physical force with the right route choice. These will quickly disappear in the terrain. Sometimes there is demanding pad and poorly running vegetation. The courses of this long distance were set by Matouš Karvánek on a map with the meaningful name Údolí vzdechů (the Valley of Sighs), scale 1: 10,000. A partner of the stage is BRYZOS – a producer of sportswear, which firstly operated in Europe under the brand Siven Active Sport. The best competitors of the overall Bohemia ranking will be awarded by the products and all the others can visit the selling stand in the finish area.






The fourth stage will be a middle in an extremely rocky terrain between villages Filipov and Srbská Kamenice. Very demanding courses and the steep runs of both short and longer hills will test your fitness. There are exactly 991 cliffs on the map Srbský kámen, scale 1:7.500. Race courses can also offer a variety of tracks to choose from. Not only the right track but also the right choice of path in such a specific terrain with animal trails will be decisive. The attractions for adventure runners will be controls on rocky outlooks that offer beautiful views of the rest of the racing area. The course setter is Matěj Burda. Partner of the fourth stage is SALOMON again.






The fifth stage will definitely offer the best of the whole Bohemia. A long distance in the sandstone labyrinths will be a speciality for map enthusiasts. It will be very physical stage and demands very hard decision making along the course. The oldest veterans will be spared the mountaineering adventures, and from the rocky ridge can use the views between the rocks and stones and look down at the jagged valleys of younger runners. Routes of the fifth stage on the maps Pod Strážištěm, scale 1: 10.000 and scale 1: 7.500 for veterans are prepared by Petr Karvánek. The partner of the fifth stage is company CRYSTALEX – a direct continuator of the very best traditions of Czech glassmaking, which is a traditional partner of Bohemia event. As the major domestic producer of glass, it also ranks with the leading world producers of this branch. The beauty of the Czech glass will be appreciated by the best competitors of the overall Bohemia ranking. Everyone else can take advantage of a 10% discount for the participants of Bohemia after submitting the Information book in the factory store in Nový Bor.

The first entry deadline ended

The first entry deadline ended. There are 1675 competitors from 31 countries. Here you will find an overview of the entries –  clubs and classes. Please check your details.
Please note that the camp is already hopelessly filled. It is not possible to order additional places in the camp. In case of interest in accommodation in the camp we recommend camping in Sloup v Čechách (3km from Nový Bor)

Website launched

On Monday, July 09, 2018 website of 5-days international orienteering event Bohemia 2019 was launched. In the section Bulletin you can find the first invitation with basic information about the term and location of the event. There already are also the first demonstrations and tastings in sections maps, photos and tourism.