Map examples

E1 long – cartographer Aleš Hejna & Zdeněk Sokolář / course setting Matouš Karvánek
E2 middle – cartographer Zdeněk Sokolář / course setting Jaroslav Krejčí
E3 long – cartographer Jan Picek & Tom Novák / course setting Jan Pavlovec
E4 middle  – cartographer Jaroslav Lamač / course setting Vratislav Lamač
E5 long  – cartographer Jaroslav Lamač / course setting Tomáš Kořínek
Etapa 1 Ovčácký vrch  Etapa 2 Čertovy díry  Etapa 3 Medvědí hůrkaEtapa 4 Sloní skála  Etapa 5 Lipka

Clarification of apartment accommodation (item no. 86 in the invitation)

There are 4 apartments (4, 5, 5 and 6 beds – each has its own toilet and shower) plus 1 group apartment = 6 bedrooms (whole floor), in which a total of 20 beds, the common hall, 2 toilets and 2 showers – perfect for group of 20 people from one club or family (to be paid for the real number of accommodated people). In the extreme case it is possible to order without a half board (discount of 35% off in the invitation).