Bohemia 2017 is over

Dear orienteering friends, thank all of you who attended this year’s Bohemia and managed all 5 stages in the demanding and beautiful terains of The Lusatian Mountains. Hope you have enjoyed a sportstuned holiday as much as we and that in the future years you will find a way to our next events.

We also like for your comments to this year’s if you did not like something, or would welcome some change, do not hesitate to give us your opinion write to the email address or

See you at Bohemia 2019.


results Day 1 oris html / pdf   split times html pdf   clubs html pdf

results Day 2 oris html / pdf   split times html pdf   clubs html pdf
total results after 2nd day html / pdf   clubs html pdf   Ranking of clubs pdf 

results Day 3 oris html / pdf   split times html pdf   clubs html pdf
total results after  3th day html / pdf  clubs html pdf   Raknking of clubs pdf 

results Day 4 oris html / pdf   split times html pdf   clubs html pdf
total results after  4th day html / pdf   clubs html pdf   Ranking of clubs pdf

results Day 5 oris html / pdf   split times html pdf   clubs html pdf
total results after 5th day html / pdf   clubs html pdf   Ranking of clubs pdf (top 10)

results SPRINT html / pdf  clubs html pdf


Arrival to the finish area E1-E3

After the today´s visitation of the finish area the GOOD WEATHER VARIANT has been selected,  so you can use your own cars for the way to the first stage. If the situation changes on the next days you will be informed in advance. In any case, we prefer and recommend the transport by organizers buses, which will be organized free of charge.