OK Jiskra Nový BOR

Bohemia Orienteering 2011


Lucas Basset

Hello Lucas !:)
At first i want to congratulation you for your success on JWOC.:)
We are really glad to see you on Bohemia Orienteering again. We want present your Troubite Team on webpage of our competitions.So I wanna ask you for some information about you with some photos (i will send this mail to the rest of your friends who I know).

I also have some questions for you:
1. Is in your plan to finish your competition hand in hand with Milos Nykodym again? And which place?
2. How many teams will we see on the startlist of beer relays? Do you want to defeat Czech Beermental team?
3. How are you looking forward to your return to the Czech Republic, especially Czech women and Czech beer :-)?

Thank you very much, have a nice rest of July and see you in Novy Bor.

Bye Sarka.:)

Lucas Basset

hey Sarka!!! thank you very much!!! and I can say that it's really nice questions!!:)

First of all, I will try to be selected for WOC for the sprint distance next monday and tuesday, and if I am, I will unfortunately not come to Novy Bor, because beer drinking and partying with nice people is not the best preparation for such a competition. But luckily, I won't be selected, and will be able to come to Bohemian 5 days!!

1) If I have the opportunity to do it, of course I will! First place would be the best of course, but I'd be satisfied with any of the of the places if I get the chance the finish the competition with such a nice friend! But of course there will be a fierce battle in the forest before that!!:D

2) 2or 3! Of course we want to beat them, 2 years ago we failed, but this year will be our year!

3) I'm really looking forward to being there, Czech women and Czech beer are of course one of the main reasons for coming, but nice people, interesting competitions, good bars, beautiful campsite and great parties are also on the list!!

See you there!!

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